• Keep moving with zTrack...

    Combat the hazards of modern worklife

  • Take your chances...

    Find ways to make a busy life work for you

  • Balance is best...

    Know when to rest or get moving throughout the day

  • zTrack 2.0

    The next step in wellbeing - Ideal for you, your family and your business

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z-Track into a balanced life

z-Track 2.0 is a great alternative to a standard wearable fitness tracker for use by individuals and businesses,  at home or at work. 

It will help you understand your activity patterns over the day, to see where you can find opportunities to be more active or take some time to relax. We use these practical principles to allow you to make you choices in your life:

...Keep moving - a little regular activity is better than infrequent big bursts. We subscribe to the little and often philosophy.

....Take your chances - day to day life consumes most of our time, finding ways to be more active during that time is a great way to compensate.

....Balance is best - its not all about activity, knowing when to rest is just as important


zTrack can also be used by researchers and occupational welfare professionals to run activity studies and trials using our secure data export facilities.

  • "I don’t know why but if I wear my z-Track it reminds me to take the stairs..."

    AP , Luton

  • "I get lots of compliments about how it looks..."

    LW, Cambridge

  • "I noticed I started to walk everywhere a bit quicker !"

    LC, Royston

~220 kCal

~200 kCal

~120 kCal

~180 kCal

~100 kCal

~60 kCal