• Mindscape

    A toolbox for life based on sound, movement and harmony

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  • Concentrate

    Free your mind with our interactive aural and visual mindfulness technique

  • Concentrate

    Add our smart wristlet or watch app to create your own peaceful sound vibrations

  • Breathe

    Use our quick and easy breathing prompt to take time out and counteract stress

  • Rest

    Our unique sleep scenes help you free the mind and drift off

Mindscape in action

A new dimension in meditational mindfulness exercise

“giving you a set of smart tools to help you relax and capture the benefits of living in the moment"


With Mindscape we have combined three powerful techniques into one app:

Interactive Mindfulness

A concentration method which allows you to immerse yourself in an interactive process 

Paced Breathing

“The goal of paced breathing is to reduce the stress chemicals your brain produces and facilitate a relaxation response” MayoClinic.org

Paced breathing allows the user to participate in a diaphragmatic breathing exercise, a proven technique renowned to reduce anxiety and stress

Sleep Prompting

Getting good rest is key to building resiliance. Our approach is provide you with relaxing audio visual "scenes" and prompts to ease you into and help you maintain sleep. Each scene has an gentle ambient sound scape and accompanying image which ebbs away over time. A rhythmic prompt provides a way to focus and slow the mind. The app can be configured to meet your indivdual and changing preferences.




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