• Inspirational Wellness Technology

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  • Mindscape

    Creative relaxation tools for modern life

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  • zIDI Band

    Turning movement into music

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  • zTrack Activity Watch

    Keep active and moving

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Inspirational wearable technology

Our goal is to bring you smart wearable technology and innovative apps which assist you with day to day life. We design and make all our devices and apps. 



zIDI - a new innovation in music making

zIDI is a brand new musical device combining movement and music to produce a innovative and affordable new way to complement electronic music creation or to just have fun. We are just about to launch on Kickstarter with lots of early bird offers.


Mindscape - a new dimension in meditational mindfulness exercise

Mindscape combines a easy to use app to help you sleep and de-stress in the day. Our unique wearable bracelet or iWatch app allows you to use an new interactive mindfulness concentration technique to focus the mind on the present.

zTrack Activity Tracker

zTrack into an healthier life

zTrack is an activity tracker and companion app which offers more that simple step counting. Focused particularly on the issues around inactivity in the normal day and the effects of phenomena known as "sitting disease" it helps you gain a healthy balance between rest and activity throughout the day.